ICSMSE2020 is sincerely calling for keynote speakers

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ICSMSE2020 is sincerely calling for  keynote speakers

The 2020 4th International Conference on Smart Materials and Structural Engineering(ICSMSE 2020)will be held on February 28-01, 2019 in Zhuhai, China. ICSMSE 2020 is calling for keynote speakers all over the world now!If you are innovative academics, engineers or industrial experts in the field of Smart Materials and Structural Engineering, please feel free to contact us. 

We would be honored if we could have you on ICSMSE 2020 and hope this event could meet and exceed your anticipation.

Conference Secretary: MS. Yao

投稿邮箱 E-mail:ICSMSE2020@126.com   (投稿/咨询)

联系电话 Phone:+86-13922159104(wechat)
QQ: 1406807373

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